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About the show

In the fall of 2016, two friends, Rick and Don, decided they wanted to create something bigger than themselves. They decided to start a podcast. Every week, the pair tackle a topic ranging from the inane idiosyncrasies of nerd and pop culture to engaging, complex looks at art, technology, and the human experience. The two, from time to time, dabble with the rose-colored substance known as nostalgia and discuss stories from the years of past. Through their sharing of stories, discussions, moments of reflections, and a few jokes, both Rick and Don hope to show their listeners they aren’t alone when they face challenges in their lives and their moments of happiness. Rick and Don just want to make the world a better place, no matter how small the impact.

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  • Episode 10: Rick and Don Show - Episode 10

    April 11th, 2017  |  1 hr 15 mins
    poetry, writing

    We dive deep into the wonderful world of poetry this week, with some terrific insight from Don. How to read it, why it's important, and Don's personal journey in creative arts. We also have a new home on the web at ! Check it out for all of our episodes and future blog posts.

  • Episode 9: Rick And Don Show - Episode 9

    March 30th, 2017  |  1 hr 13 mins
    magic, netflix, travel

    Our hosts are back this week, after a bit of a travel delay, to discuss all things Netflix comedy (read Dave Chappelle), traveling in Vegas, and the recent Modern Masters 17 release for Magic.

  • Episode 8: Rick And Don Show - Episode 8

    March 14th, 2017  |  1 hr 24 mins
    finance, magic, modern-masters

    Plenty of talk on Modern Masters 2017, the newest reprint set for Magic The Gathering bound to bring joy and value to all the kids. Don gives an overview of the intent behind reprint sets and then we jump into predicting where some card prices will fall in a year's time!

  • Episode 7: Rick And Don Show - Episode 7

    March 8th, 2017  |  1 hr 22 mins
    nintendo, switch, zelda

    This week it's all about the Switch! Turn it over and SWITCH!!!

    Don braved the lines and successfully acquired a brand spanking new Nintendo Switch... all for the sake of the pod, of course! We talk over the Switch itself and the best game of all time, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

  • Episode 6: Rick And Don Show - Episode 6

    February 28th, 2017  |  56 mins 49 secs
    netflix, oscars, power-rangers

    It's an episode that came out of nowhere! Covering some of the Oscars, Netflix deep cuts, and Power Rangers knockoffs, Rick and Don are back at it again this week. Next week they'll get back to what they planned to talk about!

  • Episode 5: Rick And Don Show - Episode 5

    February 21st, 2017  |  1 hr 36 mins
    media-swap, stand-up-comedy, video-games

    We have the results of our first media swap! Don scores a find in buying back his childhood, while Rick can't catch a break.

    Rick's Media Swap - Gone Home
    Don's Media Swap - George Carlin: Back in Town
    Bonus Media - George Carlin: Last Words

  • Episode 4: Rick And Don Show - Episode 4

    February 10th, 2017  |  1 hr 33 mins
    magic, travel, writing

    Rick and Don address some surprising feedback, discuss their self-loathing, and setup a new recurring segment. And plenty of conversation on the writing process!

  • Episode 3: Rick And Don Show - Episode 3

    February 7th, 2017  |  52 mins 21 secs
    economics, magic, trading

    Don gets philosophical and schools Rick in Magic …

  • Episode 2: Rick And Don Show - Episode 2

    January 31st, 2017  |  54 mins 48 secs

    Jumping back into it this week, Rick and Don talk about the pinnacle of sports entertainment... wrestling! Rick gets to the root of understanding television programming schedules, while Don discusses his unique Christmas decorating.

  • Episode 1: Rick And Don Show - Episode 1

    January 16th, 2017  |  50 mins 30 secs

    And we're live! The first week of the Rick & Don…